For 21 years Greg has cemented himself into SA Motorsport and Motoring domains as the Voice of Choice for all LIVE Events, TV, Radio & Social Media #Magoo

Sasha Martinengo was born to be successful and to be in the spotlight. Proudly Italian with an ancestral racing gene in his blood, he was destined to take South Africa by storm, by becoming one of the faces and voices of Formula One and Motor sport in general. A radio and club DJ; television sports presenter; MC. @F1sasha

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Let's talk about why we're doing this

We are passionate about cars, motor racing, gaming and most importantly South Africa.
We love our country, and we want to help  out in this time of need, in the ways that we know how.

A team of racing professionals, sport cars enthusiasts, IT professionals and a couple of gamer nerds have got together to try and deliver an event that we can all take part in at home, but that can (hopefully) produce some good for our fellow South Africans. #stayathome

So, to all you sim racers, gamers and motor racing enthusiasts... this goes out to you:
"Come take on some of the top race drivers in the country and potentially win your share of massive cash prizes".


Funds raised to date:
R55 800.00


Please consider helping RSA:


The awesome companies who are supporting our effort.


We hope you’re able to attend. If you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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