Racing Leagues
Want to try out regular sim racing? 
Here are some local leagues and platforms:
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Sim Race South Africa caters for all skill levels. Our most popular championship is the SA simGT Series (GT3) , other current championships: SA simGP Series (Formula 3) and SA simRally Series (Dirt Rally).


PC: Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa 


Cross-platform (PC, Xbox and Playstation): Dirt Rally


Website:        email:


Console online simulation racing organization. It is our aim to help the progression of sim-racing both locally and internationally by raising levels of competition and increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities.


Our MISSION is to bring sim-racing to the masses and promote Console type E-Sports racing whereby we can also play fair, hard and clean

Platform/game: Gran Turismo Sport, Project Cars 2 and soon ACC on PC 



RaceFace.Pro is an online/sim-racing community who offers our members a variety of racing leagues including GT3 (ACC), F1 (Codemasters), .


We also organise and host once-off endurance events such as the Spa 6-Hour, the recent Silverstone 10-Hour and now the Kyalami 24-Hour. 


We been focussed on Project Cars 2 on the PS4 platform but are making a slow transition over to PC.

There are 3 races scheduled through the week on PS4, Monday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon. Here we partake in fun, fair competitive racing.

The competition is close but more importantly, we do it because we enjoy racing against each other.

Which platform/game: Playstation 4: Project Cars 2 Currently / Will offer Asseto Corsa Competizione once released on PS4.


Link and or contact details

Dylan Hall 083 627 346  

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MNR was started in 2014 as a racing community.

We are not a 'league'. Our events give no points. Our races have no 
prizes, apart from bragging rights.
At MNR we believe every racer needs a place to begin, a place to learn, 
and a place to enjoy Sim racing without the shackles of competition.

Every Monday night we host two sprint race on PC, currently with ACC as 
our main title.

We invite racers of any skill level to come and race each other, learn 
from each other, and ultimately become better in any league.